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Family-Friendly Activities in Punta Cana

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Punta cana is known for many things - beautiful beaches, fun all-inclusive resorts and of course, golf. But one thing that Punta Cana is improving on is becoming a great location for family travel because of the many family friendly activities and resorts that are now available. Here at Happy Living Punta Cana, we’ve gathered the top activities that you can do on your family vacation. We recommend the following:

1. Select an all-inclusive resort with activities and amenities for the entire family. Most are located right on the beach and have plenty of outdoor activities such as beach activities, pool games and fun dance classes. They also offer nightly entertainment, live music, shows and dance performances. They are very safe and are a great place to spend your vacation.

Recommendations: To check out our stay recommendations, check out our Accommodations section on our website. We have identified our top picks for you here:

a) Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana - this one is geared towards younger children.

b) Majestic Mirage Punta Cana - this hotel has plenty of kids rooms and has this awesome kids pool and is great for all ages.

2. Punta Cana has a ton of fun local experiences for families, here are our top recommendations (all of which and more can be found on our Experiences page on our site). The top ones for family vacations are listed below:

a) Ojos Indigenas: It is a 1,500 acre area that is dedicated to the conservation, research and recreation of local flora and fauna. This Reserve consists of 12 beautiful freshwater lagoons formed by an underground river that comes up to the surface in different spots.

b) Hoyo Azul: Hoyo Azul is a natural sinkhole with a vivid blue color. It is approximately 14 meters (45 feet) deep and is available for swimming. This is located in Scape Park which has even more activities there, such as ziplining and horseback riding.

c) Katmandu Theme Park: Fresh off the press- Katmandu is a brand new theme park that will open in Punta Cana on March 15th. It is a family-friendly location with activities and fun things to do. To read more on the attractions, check out our blog post covering the announcement of the part here. This is a great option for the family if there is inclement weather or if you just need a small break from the sun and outdoor activities. It's a great option to balance the trip out.

d) Buggy Ride: this is a thrilling 4.5 hour off-road adventure that has many different stops along the way. You can drive through the back streets of punta cana checking out the beautiful back roads that are exclusive for this ride.

Overall, we believe Punta Cana to be a great destination for family travel with many things to do. Check out our site to find out about all the hot new spots and experiences that you can check out during your next visit in Punta Cana!

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